McSwain rail

"I went to the house this morning and I was totally BLOWN AWAY! I just LOVE all the wonderful work you and your crew did. You are a true artist! I love every single thing that you did--even the hand rails are killer. You guys are the best.... You are true professionals and I want you to know that we would love to be a reference for you.... Thank you for coming this long way in this heatwave and for doing exactly what you said that you were going to do, and for making us SO HAPPY about our house."

--Jill and Hal McSwain

Firewood Shed

"The interior plaster is so beautiful we did not want to hang anything on the walls. Your work inside and out is impeccable, and you are a joy to do business with."

--Martha Harris and Lee Finks

Orchard Shed

"WOW!!!!!!! We went down this afternoon and it is wonderful. We absolutely love all that you have done. The yard is great; the gully is gone and looks soooo much better; the back area is taking shape; and the paneling in the dining room and living room is beautiful. The upstairs is really looking so nice. We are most pleased.... Thanks for the great workmanship you and your group are doing for us. We can see a woman's touch and recommendations seeping through and it is also appreciated."

--Lorena and John Holderfield

Chicken Coop

"Railing looks great. Your guys really seem to take a lot of pride in what they do."
--John Judd, Judd Builders

Quillen Plaster

Shocked and amazed how our home was transformed. Knowledgeable about the chemistry of cement stucco and earthen plasters. Listened closely and answered all our questions. Lived with us for three weeks. Very polite and trustworthy. A pleasure to work with. Great attention to detail and did an excellent job cleaning up. Price was very affordable. Would recommend in a heartbeat."

--Mike and Aimee Quillen

Hambright Rail

Robbie and I are extremely pleased with the deck railing. The craftsmanship, materials, work crew, timeliness, and professionalism are all very evident in what really is "a true art form." We thank you very much and you can rest assured we will recommend you highly.

--Mickey Hambright